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November 21, 2013
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Cons, Midwinter, SkyVu...

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 21, 2013, 2:25 PM

Hey everyone! This week has been a landslide for me, so I have quite a few things to talk about.

We are pleased to announce that we will be at Naka-Kon 2014! You can find more information on it here ( ) if you're interested in checking it out.

That said, we were rejected for Anime Detour. BUT we still have Anime Central to apply to, so fingers crossed!

Next up, Midwinter news. Though we were planning on launching a Kickstarter this month, we've decided to delay it until early next year (probably near the time of Naka-kon) due to problems with Amazon Payments and the holiday season swiftly approaching. But, that gives us more time to work out the kinks and properly prepare, so hopefully we'll still have your support when we get to it!

The rest of chapter 1 is being worked on and WILL be available digitally as soon as possible. You guys have been so, so patient, and I thank you all for that. ;w;

Edit: Taking off the part about SkyVu--it's stirring up a bit more than what I'd intended or wanted to happen. Sorry guys.

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This is somber news. When I first read this, it hit me pretty hard, and my view of SkyVu is tarnished. Of course, that's not to say I hadn't misgivings when BBG started going downhill. I've been a BB for a little under 2 years now, and though I haven't been there from the beginning, I've seen many things change.
I wish you the best, and hope you can find a job that really lets you delve into your artistic talents.
Best of luck!
PersiCute Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's sad to see a skyvu member go. I won't bother to ask why you were laid off because I know how it works in corporations. I was getting suspicious when BBG was starting to become a pay-to-have-fun game and it looked like skyvu was starting to let it go. I won't be surprised if BB or skyvu doesn't make past 2014 or 2015, but nothing lasts forever.

The person who made a thread about it had good intentions...also, lacked sleep. They posted a link to this journal entry and posted screencaps on a private blog for other BB fans. We kinda flipped our #%*&$ and pulled an all nighter just discussing it. Sad to say a lot of them are no longer hard core BB fans.

They just wanted the forumers to know what's happening and prepare themselves should skyvu fall into bankruptcy.

I hope you find a better company to work for. A lot of companies are sweet while they're young but turn sour or bitter when they get old.

Hopefully nobody will treat you differently or bombard you with questions when you interact with the forumers :c
Deus-Nocte Nov 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Indeed... to be honest, many current and former employees predict much the same.

Yeah, I know they probably had good intent, and it's something that's never really been said, so... I honestly can't blame them for posting it. And as sucky as I feel for making you guys not as big fans anymore, I still don't regret saying it. People need to know eventually.

I hope I can find a good one too, at least in the meantime. Trew and I are actually making a studio of our own soon... (mostly comic based, though) but we need to prepare a lot more before we can do that.

Luckily, the forum has been treating me pretty well, so I'm thankful for that.
PersiCute Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I speak on behalf of the other BB fans of that blog when I say that we're glad that you let us know what's going on. please do not feel sucky about it. the games and the direction where skyvu is heading just needed some confirmation.

moving on from the games would be much easier now than having one day logging into BBG only to have it say that it is no longer playable. the others from the blog made a lot dedicated to the games but none wanted them to be seen except for a select few. so they were hardly a part of the BB fanbase but they still play the games...sorta.

we wish you good luck in making your studio and hope you don't make the same mistakes a growing business does. we look forward to whatever you guys will make :)

the forum mods appear to doing a good job in deleting threads regarding this.
they be doing it a la men-in-black-flash-yo-face-to-forget.
Naporu Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry to hear that. However I refuse to belive it, they've done too many good things to be spoiled by a single event. None the less I wish you luck and it was nice getting to meet an artist in the field.
Some times it is the people that make things so special not any one person.
Deus-Nocte Nov 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Oh, it is far beyond a single event... This is only the first you've heard of it.

But, it is of course your prerogative whether to believe me or not. Thank you for the well wishes nonetheless.
Oh. Wow. I can't believe that. Nox I am really sorry it had to go like that. But we at least know why some things are going off the track :/ I won't forget you! You definitely made an impact on me, and the other forumers as well. I still wonder if this is the core of the degeneration of SkyVu. I have already predicted that with this scheme they currently have in mind they are going to fail. Hard. It's sad it had to be like this. At least I made amazing friends. *sigh*

~a BBG forumer~
Deus-Nocte Nov 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you, I appreciate that!

Though I wasn't there long, I've been told that it wasn't always like this, that he started with good intent and a good heart. Unfortunately, power corrupts, and he's been blinded by it.

Being in business is a slippery slope. And once you lose sight of the reason you built the company in the first place, its vision and mission for existing, you'll crash and burn.

But hey, listen, I'm not sure if you're the one that posted a thread on the forum about it (I didn't get to read it by the time I saw it, it was already taken down) but please keep this on the down low. At the end of the day, this is still just my opinion, my side of the story, and I don't want to create a rift in the community. I'll stand by my right to talk about it on other platforms (such as here) but posting it on the forum and telling everyone that I said this will endanger my continued participation there. :/
sorry for butting in here but I agree with that part where power corrupts.. I have a boss with good intent and a good heart, but after like 1-2 years, sometimes I could see she sometimes being blinded by power and money.. I..I hate that when that happens because it leads all the staffs to be too stressful and down. And she's also a type of person who is a little bit easy to be influenced, even by those manipulative bastards. >.<

but back to your story, I'm sorry to hear it had to go like that. It's really not a happy thing when you  have to quit like that. U.U
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