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An in-progress, urban fantasy Graphic Novel

" As a powerful caster and experienced thief, Nox is determined to get the highly prized genetic modifier, asterite. Unfortunately, the only facility with an ample supply of the controversial drug is the heavily guarded Gemini Hospital.

But he isn't the only one after asterite, and he unexpectedly finds himself protecting the very hospital he sought to steal from. His show of power lands him a job as Commander of Core Security, forcing him to watch his every step as he tries to gain the trust of hospital director Pendiah Hemera.

Made of Awesome

Check out these lovely people, won't you? <3

:iconj-cleo: :iconimpia-dea: :iconsuikasiren: :iconsebadorn: :iconijs-creations: :iconayavo:

Absei by J-Cleo Wrong elephant by AyaVo
Death and the dead by impia-dea Boin vs. Boin by suikasiren
Knights of Maerador, Colored by sebadorn
We All Fall Down: JOSHUA by IJS-Creations




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Kayla Swain
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States


Kayla Swain
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

Though I am primarily an illustrator at the moment, I aspire to one day
make a living off of creating graphic novels. As you can see, my page is littered
with art from "Midwinter", which is the manga I'm producing with a small band of
awesome people called ReVision Studios :D I am the lead artist and
secondary writer for the project.

All commissions are closed, sorry guys!

if you need to contact me outside of DA, feel free to drop me an e-mail!

I have a Tumblr too: :)


My DeviantART Story (+Midwinter History?)

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 8, 2014, 8:12 AM

First off, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! c: I really appreciate it, you guys are awesome <3

Second, I wanted to do this prompt from DA for their 14th birthday...

Though it says I've been on DA 8 years (9 in November on this account), I've actually been around for 10! I got an account here when I was 13, in 8th grade... I actually don't remember how I found this place, but I'd imagine it was through a friend at school or online. Back then I was way into DBZ, Inuyasha... and my original characters were pretty "eh".

I've avoided ever linking my old account, but since this is a special occasion... I will reveal my 13 yr old art to you! ;D

Monkey Grooming Monkey by SuperBuusMistress Naoki and Moonlight by SuperBuusMistress

In January of 2005, I got Open Canvas and digitally colored for the first time. I had experimented with Paint a little before this, but I remember being completely floored by this program! I could put down solid color and shade! I was particularly proud of this dude's hair back then.

.Shikito -colored- by SuperBuusMistress

So I kept drawing and coloring.

Group of 7 by SuperBuusMistressInjured and Resting by SuperBuusMistress3 Brothers by SuperBuusMistress.In Your Company. by SuperBuusMistressRandom Cat Lady -SKETCHY- by SuperBuusMistress

I got to a point where I wanted a new name, so I made a new account... but I didn't move to it until I made a pretty large stride in my skill (or at least, at the time I felt it was a big step). That new account was this one! I had a different name back then. I made the move in 2006.

I got waaay into Bleach at this point.

Kaira by Deus-NocteIshida Uryuu by Deus-NocteShe's glaring at YOU by Deus-NocteRhona by Deus-Nocte

And in that following year, I made a pretty hefty amount of progress in anatomy, proportions, and colors:

Crimson.Red by Deus-NocteLock and Load. by Deus-NocteStarscream by Deus-Nocte

Throughout high school, I went through a TON of phases--Gargoyles, Star Trek, More Bleach, Transformers... plus I was always trying to develop my own world and make a comic out of it, but it seemed to always fall short. I just didn't have the writing skills or the drive on my own--I'd start a lot of projects, design characters, and never finish them.

Then, about 4 years ago, I started to draw this doofus:

If I Had You by Deus-Nocte

He was one of my first original characters to really gain traction. Except, he wasn't "Nox"... he had black hair, purple eyes, lightly tanned skin, and wasn't technically human. He was "Shattered Glass" Primus. For anyone unfamiliar with Transformers comics, "Shattered Glass" refers to the mirror universe. And, per TF lore, Primus is the creator of all Cybertronians--making him, essentially, the "evil twin" of the Primus I had created.

(their bot forms are here: )
:: Balance :: by Deus-Nocte

I was RPing a lot of Transformers back in the day, so I made a lot of OCs specifically to suit that world, and he was one of them.

It wasn't until I reconnected with J-Cleo that things started to change. She liked Dark!Primus a lot as a character, and we'd have fun by rping little snippets. One night, she had a dream where a few of her characters interacted with him... and we liked it enough that we wanted to continue the story.

But Dark!Primus needed to be remodeled as a human. I had to knock him down from god tier and find a way to make sense of his powers in a real world. So, he became a skilled magic user instead, and I renamed him "Nox" (the Roman version of the Greek goddess, Nyx). Due to a misunderstanding on Joanna's part, I rebranded him to have purple hair, darker skin, and teal eyes.

Nox :: Midwinter Profile by Deus-Nocte

Midwinter snowballed from there. We began to see potential in what we were writing, and started to write seriously. Both of us improved immensely during this time; we wrote every day and thought about our work critically. We started to plan plot points while maintaining the interactive nature of RP to garner realistic and unexpected reactions.

And now, just over 3 years after starting the project, we're making it a reality and creating the comic. It's changed SO MUCH since it's inception, but it's so much better, too.

[Midwinter ] Chapter 1 SAMPLE by Deus-Nocte

We've had immense support throughout, and I can't thank everyone enough. Even for my personal growth... I've come a long way since being on this site, and without it I wouldn't be where I am today. I've made so many friends and met a lot of people that made an impact on me. Hell, one of those friends became my partner in this endeavor. If I hadn't met her, Midwinter wouldn't exist right now... I wouldn't have such an amazing drive and ambition in my life without her. So I can't thank everyone enough for making this possible.

Onwards to the future!

Sunray and Tojiko by SuperBuusMistress [Midwinter] Date Night by Deus-Nocte

Featured works

+ Sinner + by Deus-Nocte - Kill Mercy Within - by Deus-Nocte + Bleeding Out + by Deus-Nocte { Keep Your Eyes Open } by Deus-Nocte .:Latronum:. Not from around here... by Deus-Nocte

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